RoboReception Remote is now taking calls for practices between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week!

RoboReception Remote is now taking calls for practices between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week!

RoboReception Remote is now taking calls for practices between 8am-8pm, 7 days a week!

60% of phone calls to practices are never answered

RoboReception Remote ensures that your phone never goes unanswered again. Quick and easy to set up, if your inbound calls aren’t answered within 3 rings by your team, they are automatically transferred to your dedicated team of fully trained TCOs.

Front of house teams are overwhelmed, often not able to answer inbound phone calls. Our team of dedicated TCOs are there to answer those calls that your team aren’t able to get to.

Booking new client consultations directly into your diary whilst also automatically adding them to RoboReception LeadTracker, so you can keep track of all leads you receive and your team can follow them up when needed.

How RoboReception Remote can help you

RoboReception Remote will ensure you never miss a phone call again. It’s designed by professionals for professionals, there’s no contract and costs just £99 + VAT a week.

Simple to set up

We provide you with a redirect number

Fully trained TCOs

Trained by Grant McAree to maximise conversion

Extension to your team

Patients and leads won’t know that your call is being answered off-site

U.K. based

All TCOs are based in the U.K.

How it works

RoboReception Remote will answer your inbound phone calls if your in-house team haven’t answered them within 3 rings.

Your team of dedicated Treatment Coordinators (TCOs) who have been fully trained by Dr Grant McAree in conversion skills will appear to be part of your team to those calling. New patient appointments can be booked directly in your diary, deposits taken and follow up actions assigned to team members.

“This is an amazing service for every busy practice. Extend your team without the overheads of employing staff.”

grant mcaree
RoboReception Designer

Benefits of RoboReception Remote

Offering a fully flexible service to fit with your practice needs, it’s a bulletproof solution for practices who want calls answered in a professional, timely manner.

Designed by professionals for professionals
No contracts/tie in
Never lose another lead
Dedicated team of TCOs
Fully trained in conversion skills
U.K. Based
Extension to your team
Easy to set up
Ready within a week

Watch the demo to find out more:

We now offer two types of Remote service.

RoboReception Remote

Gold Service

RoboReception Remote is an external telephone answering service, using our fully trained TCOs to answer your missed calls as if we were part of your practice, solving one of the biggest problems faced by dental practices— calls not being answered!

If your team doesn’t pick up after 3 rings, the call is diverted to our experienced TCOs who will answer as if they are sat in your practice, meaning you don’t lose those calls that could be worth thousands. You can decide if you divert all calls, or just your new patient line to our team.

Our team operate 8am to 8pm seven days a week, so even when your closed your patients can still speak to a real person.

Calls per Month


Up to 30


Up to 65


Up to 135


Up to 270


Up to 405


Up to 550


RoboReception Remote

Platinum Service charged at £28 per hour + VAT

If you have online booking, our team can also book patient appointments via your website, meaning the patient is dealt with in one phone call by our TCOs.

If you have RoboReception LeadTracker, we can also follow up all of your incoming leads, from all sources, when they enquire with the practice. The quicker you contact a new lead the higher the conversion rate.

As our team aren’t sat in a busy reception, we can focus on the patient we are talking to, build rapport, answer any questions and convert them to consultations.

Our Remote Platinum service is charged at £28ph plus VAT.

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Every RoboReception product has been designed for professionals by professionals. Dentists, marketers & health professionals have joined forces to create the RoboReception brand.

What our clients are saying

LeadTracker is working well for me so far thank you, I'm finding it's a really straightforward and convenient way to keep on top of new enquiries/leads and a useful reminder to follow up where necessary.

Dental Treatment Coordinator, Heralds Way Dental Clinic

When someone as fussy as me is on board, you must be doing something right. My team is pumped!

Hap Gill

This guy is an absolute legend and knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. I can't thank you enough, Grant!

Dr Sonia Angel

Mind blown - so many great ideas to implement!

Mikey Bateman

It's an absolutely incredible tool to add to your website and only costs £99/month, made by a legend of a dentist for dentists, Grant McAree.

Dinah Naasan

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How to get started

Complete our onboarding form to get started with RoboReception Remote. We also offer a no obligation 7-day free trial, so you can see how it benefits your patients and team.

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