Grant McAree

An Introduction to Dental ChatBots

What exactly is a chatbot? It is a bit of software that allows a human to interact with a website. It brings the page alive, it makes the homepage behave almost like a human.

ChatBots are something we have missed over the Covid crisis. The software essentially stimulates and encourages this reaction. When we interact with the bot – we know it isn’t real but in my opinion, it is the closest we get to it. Carrying out an action, doing something – it suits the modern-day searcher – we want everything now – we don’t want to wait. Welcome to the game – welcome to modern-day online purchasing.

In general, the software is designed to conduct a conversation with a human in the form of texts or auditory methods. Almost carrying out a conversation. As humans, we love being listened to and interacting with others. The chatbot allows this on a basic level. This must be confused with artificial intelligence. AI goes much deeper and in my opinion not suitable in the chatbot world.

Why are ChatBots the future?

We have to move with the times despite being in a health-related profession. They improve customer experience by interacting with the potential lead or consumer. They can present products and treatments, provide a customer experience and improve the service you are offering. They are engaging with your target audience. The question shouldn’t be why have one, it should be why do you not have one?!

Why chatbots are the future?

They interact with your customers. They help nurture your leads, patients will be more ready to buy from you. Your time spent helping the patient up that purchasing ladder is reduced so you will become more profitable. We will always be searching for faster methods, more automated systems to make our businesses more profitable. Chatbots will be the future as they are already a step ahead, when technology advances, so will the chatbot software capabilities.

Stay ahead of the game, be better than your competitor. The Chatbot Revolution is here to stay.

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