Donna Hewitt

What you need to know about Dental ChatBots

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) when we talk about ChatBots? AI is the computer 'doing things' that are normally left to a human being.

So when we are asked about ChatBot (RoboReception) I have to say we do use AI as it asks questions that normally are asked by a reception team. Please be warned that many AI-dominated chatbots are too complicated in my opinion. If the chatbot asks too many questions the friction rate in the system is too high and the patient will either get bored and jump off or frustrated at the endless interactions. Remember patients know they are not dealing with a human so don’t pretend to be a human when developing the chatbot.

What do you mean when you talk about friction within a system?

Friction is so important when it comes to all types of marketing and advertising. Friction can be added to an advert whether it is the patient leaving details, booking an appointment, or answering questions. Too much friction – the patient can get bored and becomes frustrated. For example, the bot asks too many questions and provides useless information that can be found more easily on Google or too little friction whereby the Chatbot doesn’t ask enough and patients just fill out details without much thought and your admin team finds it impossible to get hold of them. Basically, the patient is lower on the purchasing ladder.

What is the purchasing ladder of awareness?

Patients contact your dental surgery at different levels of need. So a patient who just wants his or her exam is at level 1. As they find problems and then see the solutions and benefits step up the ladder. As a business, it is our job (And reception) to help nurture the patient up that ladder. When they are level 6 – ready to buy – the patient is considered converted. That level 6 is achieved by software like RoboReception. Other areas to consider are – patient journey, unique selling point, marketing and advertising, clinical conversion skills, and reception skills. They should all be geared up to nurturing that patient!

How do friction and the purchasing ladder of awareness fit in with RoboReception?

RoboReception was designed by dentists for dentists. We have created just enough friction to make sure the patients are discouraged from just filling out the enquiry forms and the admin are then chasing patients who are not ready to buy, or even ready to book an appointment. We have tested it relentlessly. We have recorded a test group of potential clients. We have analyzed the data. We think RoboReception is a cutting-edge dental Chatbot. Just enough friction and no more. Too much and the potential lead will get bored or confused. They don’t want information from a Chatbot. They can find that on Google.

So in short – not too much friction, not too little. Let’s get those patients up the purchasing ladder and save admin time chasing leads that are cold. Why not give RoboReception a go?

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